The Performer

Cosmo Solano was bitten by the show business bug when he performed “the cups and balls” publicly for the first time before his Kindergarten class at “show and tell”.

His first paid performance came at the age of 13 when he earned $15.00 to perform at a backyard barbecue.

At 18, he landed a job as a principle extra and stunt double for a television movie and was encouraged by the cast and crew to follow them back to Los Angeles.  Within a few months was headed to Hollywood and almost immediately was performing for the Hollywood Elite.

Cosmo studied classic stage magic at the renowned Chavez College of Magic, but his love for performing on a more personal level, soon overshadowed his desire to be a stage magician and he become one of the busiest magicians in Los Angeles. Performing Close up several nights a week in restaurants and at dinner parties, as well as performing for childrens parties and back yard barbecues.

castleAt 21, he became a member of the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle where he would be mentored by contemporary masters in sleight of hand. Over the next few decades, he would meet and become close friends with many of the very legends he admired as a child.

For over 30 years Cosmo has performed heads of state, celebrities and leaders in business and industry and has performed privately and in the homes of such celebrities as Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers, Diana Ross, Leonard Nimoy, Ernie Hudson, John Stamos, just to name a few.  In 2008, after three years in Las Vegas, Cosmo returned to Colorado seeking a more family oriented environment and now resides in Colorado Springs, CO.

Performing original effects of his own invention (a rarity in the world of magic) Cosmo also enjoys consulting other professionals in the craft.  His influence can be seen in some of the top performers the world over on stages, in private venues and on international television.


His show in the Close Up Room, “Impossible Things” is Cosmo’s Magnum Opus, the culmination of a lifetime of study and dedication. A finely honed performance which until now, has only been offered to private clients.


“This show is literally an homage to my mentors, to my experiences and my good fortune of being able to do what I love for a living for all these years. Its a culmination of the “impossible things” that I’ve been doing for others since that first performance for my kindergarten class!”

“The show is now beginning it’s second year, and I owe each person who’s spent an evening here with us a big thank you, as this has been one of the greatest years of my life!” – Cosmo Solano