House Rules -IMPORTANT

Dress Code – Dressy Casual  (Taken from the Attire Guide @ the Emily Post Institute)
Basically dress like you’re going out for a nice dinner.


  • Dress
  • Skirt and dressy top
  • Dressy pants outfit
  • Nice jeans and dressy top


  • Seasonal sport coat or blazer, and slacks
  • Dress shirt, casual button-down shirt, open-collar or polo shirt
  • Optional tie

The following “rules” are due to the fact that the show is being presented in our private home, PLEASE understand that they ARE important and must be followed, not because we’re STRICT or snooty, but because we want YOU to get the very most out of the eveing and for everyone’s comfort and safety.
AND… our time together is very special to us, the evening is personal and private, and again, in OUR HOME.

DOORS OPEN 15 minutes before “show time” (usually 7PM) – NO EARLIER.
We don’t have a public lobby or waiting area, or “staff” to accomodate early birds, Thank you for understanding!

The stated show time  refers to the START OF THE EVENING, which includes mingling, snacks or hordourve’s when applicable., and interaction/performance BEFORE entering the theater as well.

We understand traffic and other diversions, HOWEVER, due to the nature of the show, if you are more than 15 minutes late,  due to the nature of the performance, and out of respect for the other paying patrons, we cannot interrupt the show once it starts.
Once the theater doors have closed, you will be asked to wait in the “bar” area until the second half of the show.
(again PLEASE CALL asap, and we’ll do our best to accomodate you!)

Sounds HARSH huh? We don’t mean to be, but PLEASE, understand that we’re sharing our home with you, and we put our heart and soul into the evening.  Due to the nature of the performance, a cell phone ringing can REALLY ruin everyone’s night.

If you feel that you MUST have a cell phone ON for the evening, please consider visiting us on a night when you’re not “on call” etc. CELL PHONES WILL BE TURNED TO OFF.

The Close Up Room has VERY LIMITED seating! (only 12 seats) Just a few cancellation could leave the room quite empty and cause us to have to cancel the show for everyone. No exceptions!
Unfortunately there are no refunds once the ticket has been purchased!
Of course we understand unexpected circumstances, we will work with you in any way we can so please contact us!
IF WE CAN, we will try and re-sell your tickets, but offer no guarantee. The shows are put on BY REQUEST so we’ve gone to a lot of effort to put on the event/evening for you and the other guests.

Seats are NON transferrable unless approved FIRST!
We are welcoming folks into our home! ALL tickets are by personal referral or invitation ONLY and that referral MUST come from someone who’s been here before! THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT AND STRICT RULE…
Again, we need to know and approve who’s coming into our home for the evening!
This means that you CANNOT simply sell or give your tickets to just anyone! Period.

We understand that things happen, and we DO want a full room! So PLEASE simply contact us FIRST if you can’t make it and would like to give the tickets to someone else!

LASTLY: Arriving intoxicated, or acting beligerant in the show will not be tolorated even a tiny bit! Anyone appears to be intoxicated (our home, our discretion) or anyone disrupting our guests or the evening will be asked to leave, or escorted off the property immediately.
For the safety of our guests, our home and our family, please be respectful!
Thank you for your understanding!

After all of these rules, I PROMISE you that we’ve never had a single issue in dozens of shows! Looking forward to our evening together!

Cosmo and Carrie