Impossible Things

The Show


Impossible Things – an Evening of Choreographed Deception

“I believe magic can only be performed one of two ways for an audience, as a demonstration or an experience.”

Close-up magic allows the audience to become physically and emotionally entangled with the magic, to become a part of it, touch it, feel it, even influence it.

  • To witness a full evening of professional, choreographed close up magic within a theatrical setting is a rarity and usually can only be found in exclusive locations such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

One of L.A.’s top sleight of hand experts, Cosmo Solano brings his show “Impossible Things” home to Colorado. Enjoy a private evening of intimate magic theater, so close, it becomes a personal session with an expert in his field.  Take a rare glimpse into the private world of a professional sleight of hand artist, not from a seat in a darkened showroom, but from within the private theater, inside the performers home.